Taiwan sweet, Indian heart

Moon of Taj presents an exotic collection of Taiwanese sweets and desserts in India. We offer the most authentic and premium Taiwanese delicacies - Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart and Moon of Taj Nougat. The Taiwan sweets are blended with the love of Indian hearts, bringing together the alluring delicacies of the East Asian countries and ingeniously unifying the two different cultures. Moon of Taj has been well appreciated for having a light composition with nominal sugar constituents unlike the traditional sweets that flood the market. We achieve this by infusing only the finest quality of ingredients that include less sugary sweet syrup, pure butter, spices and hand-picked dry fruits, making the confection a perfect balance of health and taste.

Our skilled Master Chefs from Taiwan and India have undertaken a thorough research and tailored traditional Taiwanese sweets for the Indian society without losing the originality and enticing taste. We also maintain the highest of standards regarding quality control and hygiene level. Each confect adheres to Taiwanese food safety norms and Indian FSSAI regulations. At the end of the manufacturing process, the sweets are individually sealed and preserved in elegant cases. This stylish packaging adds a premium touch and serves as the perfect choice for sophisticated gifting.