Moon of Taj Nougat ( Coming Soon )

Contrived by the Arabians in the 10th century, this delightful confect is much lighter on consumption as compared to the traditional Indian sweets. Over the years, nougats have traversed boundaries and have evolved as they’re adapted to local tastes. In Taiwan, nougats have become one of the most loved desserts with a whole museum dedicated to it. The Moon of Taj Nougat has also been tailored to suit the Indian palate while making sure to preserve its Taiwanese heritage. The Moon of Taj Nougat is made with the best quality skimmed milk powder, desi ghee and hand-picked almonds from California, giving it a soft, tender and chewy crunch. The nougat gets its smoky fragrance and burnished gloss, by going through varying degrees of heat apropos. The making of each Moon of Taj Nougat is carried through a meticulous routine by ascertaining the confection from time to time and paying close attention to every single detail. While the taste of the nougat has mesmerised everyone, the beautiful packaging has also caught everyone’s eyes. Each nougat is wrapped in a gold film to ensure safety and longevity and finally the box in which the nougats are packed impart avery special and sophisticated finish.  


【Classic Flavor】