Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart

Baked with the finest quality of butter, a variety of Indian pineapples and almonds imported from California, the Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart charms everyone with its exquisite taste. Originated during the 2nd century in the Far East, these tarts are presented as auspicious offerings in various ceremonies in Taiwan, thus making it a unique and distinguished gift with a rich legacy. Every bite of Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart leaves a sweet lingering after taste while also being lighter on the belly because of its low sugar content. Laying a special emphasis on the packaging of the product, these scrumptious tarts are enclosed in elegant cases, ensuring safety and quality in every bite and lending it an attractive look at the same time.  


Aromatic coffee beans, blended with the goodness of condensed milk, butter and rich dry fruits create an utterly delicious bite. Each tart is crafted with only the best quality coffee and without any artificial flavours, making it irresistible for all coffee lovers. The gooey butter filling in the centre of the tart adds a whole different texture and taste, satisfying the palate like nothing else can ever do.



A novel combination of authentic green tea leaves in the crust and our exclusive mango and pineapple filling inside make for a delicious dessert experience. Now you can not only enjoy the benefits of drinking green tea but also delight in it through our special tarts.


Pineapple is the most authentic flavour of a Taiwanese Fruit Tart. Created with freshly carved pineapples and cheddar cheese, this exclusive Taiwanese recipe is poised to be everyone’s favourite. The outer crust baked with cheddar cheese powder has a crunchy bite initially, but within seconds it all crumbles and softens in your mouth and what is left is a lingering aftertaste of pineapple and almonds filling in the centre.


The combination of chocolate, butter and nuts is an undisputed champion in the dessert world! However, with the addition of handpicked citric orange chunks to this winning combo, we’ve just taken the flavours to a whole new level. This sumptuous confect is a perfect treat to satisfy any chocolate cravings. Time to say goodbye to old sweets and chocolates!

【Assorted (4 flavour )  】

Latte & Butter, Green Tea & Mango, Cheese & Pineapple and Chocolate & Orange with so many delicious options to choose from, it’s really hard to just pick one. So why not ‘Assorted Flavours’ go for the exclusive Moon of Taj package and enjoy all four flavours in a single box? This surely is the best way to experience our Taiwanese sweets, made with the love of Indian hearts.